• There are a lot of resume services out there! What should I look for when considering a resume service?
Experience, knowledge, and reputation. Don’t be afraid to ask how many resumes the consultant has written, if she specializes in a particular industry or career stage, and if you can see a sample or two. Resume writing is a highly refined process, and you should feel confident in your consultant’s ability to position you correctly.  She should also be able to recommend sound strategies and give you practical advice for your job search. Also, check for membership and accreditation by Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. These credentials ensure your consultant adheres to the highest professional standards. 

• How much should I expect to pay for a professional resume? 
Your resume project cost will depend on a number of factors-how many pages, development required, whether we bundle in cover letters or other correspondence, rush fees, etc. Milestone Resumes will discuss your project scope and we’ll agree on fees before we get started. All quotes are firm-there are no hidden charges. Beware of “bargain basement” or “Cadillac” resumes! Next to your education, your resume is probably the most important investment you will ever make in your career. A good resume takes several hours-sometimes days-to create. Do you really want to work with a consultant who won’t pay herself minimum wage? 

• Do you use resume software? 
No. Milestone Resumes creates every resume specifically tailored for each individual client. It’s important for us to speak with your voice-the best resume is no good if it doesn’t accurately reflect who you are. Resume software can only tell where you've been, not where you want to go! Every word needs a reason to be there-carefully chosen for maximum impact. A boilerplate resume will not serve you best over the long term. 

• Do we meet in person or work over the phone?
We prefer to meet with our clients in person whenever possible. Working face-to-face gives us additional insight into what makes you unique and enables us to better articulate your value proposition. However, we work with clients from all over the world, where successful collaboration is done entirely by phone and email. We know your time is very valuable, so we also schedule evening and weekend appointments to accommodate your busy lifestyle. 

• I’m concerned about confidentiality. Can you assure absolute discretion? 

Absolutely! We will never contact you at your work phone number or professional email address without your express permission. We never work in public places over unsecured networks when creating client resumes, nor will we forward your resume to recruiters or hiring managers without your consent. You may have noticed we don’t even post sample resumes on our site to further protect our clients’ privacy. 

• The Big Question-when do I pay for resume services, and do you accept credit cards? 
Payment in full is expected at the conclusion of our Intake Interview. We’ve both made a significant investment in your project, so this is the best time to finalize the financial side of things. Milestone Resumes accepts cash, check, or credit card payments. We'll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have regarding payment. 

• What if I need help a few months down the road? Will we have to start over?
Milestone Resumes is committed to partnering with you over the long haul. We want you to be completely satisfied with our service. Minor editing and repositioning is available to you at no charge for 90 days after we complete your project. Consultation and search advice at any time is always included in our service.  Many of our clients return to us on a regular basis to update their resumes. Fees for updates are charged at the hourly rate of $75.00.